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Tom Anderson from Seven Saws Brewing on Tap for Today

The name 7 Saws hails from the historic mills and villages we have to thank today for the existence of our hometown. An abundance of ponds, streams, and rivers provided the necessary source of power for mill villages such as Chaffinville, Dawsonville, Jeffersonville, Quinapoxet, North Woods, Springdale, and Unionville to flourish. Per one of the oldest known maps of Holden from 1795, “There are in the Town of Holden…Seven Saw Mills.”


Exhibit 'A'

Where do you come up with the names of your beers? "At first, it was about referencing some law terminology but then we added music to our theme. We knew that Exhibit 'A' would evoke some thought so why not. "


Jared Kiraly from Bone Up Brewing Company

Boston based, low-tech Bone Up Brewing Company explains what sets them apart from others.


Dane Nielsen of Liar's Bench Beer Co

Dane gives us the scoop on Liar's Bench, in New Hampshire


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