3 Oddball Brewing's Very Own Bill Walden

Oddball Brewing's Very Own Bill Walden

 Bill Walden

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Brewer at Oddball Brewing

Years Brewing: 16
Favorite Oddball Beer: Suncook Lager
Favorite Type of Beer: Kolsch

1. What are you drinking when you're not drinking your own beer?
"Generally any local beer that I can find."

2. You started with mead and wine, why did you decide to stick with beer?
"I like the diversity and the shorter time frame that beer offers."

3. What got you into brewing?
"A number of people around had picked up the hobby and that got me interested."

4. What is your favorite part of the brewing process and why?
"The science is what interests me. There is constantly something to learn."

5. Why do you choose to focus on a limited number of brews?
"We would rather do a little well than a lot mediocre. We feel the quality is more important than quantity."