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Exhibit 'A'

 Matthew Steinberg

Exhibit 'A' Brewing Company

Co-Founder and Brew Master at Exhibit 'A'

Years Brewing: 20 years.  "I started actually home brewing in 1993 with a housemate in college, but my first job started in 1997."
Favorite Exhibit 'A' Beer: "Goody Two Shoes Kölsch.  I care so much about this style of beer. I have stood in Köln under that cathedral and felt something there from the people, the culture, the beer.  When I decided to brew this style of beer I knew I had to do it right.  This my authentic tribute to the people, the place and the beer.  It's a Kölsch life!​"
Favorite Type of Beer:  "That's a tough one. Probably Kölsch, but not always.  For me it's very momentary, in the sense that each moment has it's best style.  During Fall and Winter, chilling by the fire pit with my wife and kids roasting marshmallows, I love a nice Porter or Stout​.  Bring me to the beach and I am digging Berliner Weisse and Gose. During a nice meal, I love a gently hopped Pilsner or proper lager."

1. What are you drinking when you're not drinking your own beer?
"These days I have been really enjoying the beers coming from Lost Nation Brewing. They are brewing some of the most interesting and dynamic beers I have had in years. Another choice would be Kent Falls. Their sour beers are really what put their name on the map, but to me the best beer from them is The Hollow, their German Pilsner. Classic and rather close to perfect."

2. You guys have great social media/marketing (and great beer).  How important is that in distinguishing yourselves as a go to brewery for people?
"Vital.  We spend a lot of time focusing on our presence in the peoples' minds.​ These days it absolutely necessary to be active on the social media outlets. We like to have fun with it.  Our videos and pictures are meant to make people think.... wow, these folks at Exhibit 'A' Brewing are having a great time."

3. What got you into brewing?
"The process. When I started home brewing I immediately was enamored by the process. ​I loved that I could take these four ingredients, malt, hops, water and yeast, that seem to have no earthly reason to be combined as one and make them work together to create a beverage worth drinking. I also really dug the fact that my friends loved my beers from early on."

4. What is your favorite part of the brewing process and why?
"​It is absolutely fermentation! These funny little critters eating all this tasty sugar and then pooping out carbon dioxide and alcohol. Such a funny ordeal these things go through for our favorite beverage."

5. Where do you come up with the names of your beers?
"​At first, it was about referencing some law terminology but then we added music to our theme.  We knew that Exhibit 'A' would evoke some thought so why not.  Goody Two Shoes comes from innocence.​ Hair Raiser DIPA. When the outcome of a trial is not what you expected.  This beer is not what you'd expect either. Briefcase Porter... well everyone needs a briefcase. Sunday Paper Stout. For those who still read the paper.  The Demo Tape Series is our test batches and one offs.  Kelsey and I are both huge music fans and we wanted to have a series of beers that shows that.  We also added Danko (reference to the variety of Danko Rye we use, and also Rick Danko from The Band). Let's not forget our most popular beer, The Cat's Meow IPA.  This name was more about having fun with "who makes the best IPA"  Not that we make the best one, but we think The Cat's Meow is pretty darn amazing."

Matthew from Exhibit 'A'