3 Tom Anderson from Seven Saws Brewing on Tap for Today

Tom Anderson from Seven Saws Brewing on Tap for Today

 Tom Anderson

Seven Saws Brewing Company

Brewer at Seven Saws Brewing in Holden, MA

Years Brewing: "We have collectively been brewing for over a decade."

Favorite Seven Saws Beer: "ALL OF THEM!  All joking aside our Penstock Pale Ale and our Backcut Black IPA are two crazy different beers that provide a great sample of what we deliver.  We strive to create a smooth beer that really wallops you in the mouth initially but then dissipates leaving you wanting more."

Favorite Type of Beer: "I am a big IPA fan but have recently found pilsners and lagers to have rapidly climbed up my personal leaderboard! Secretly I am obsessed with farmhouse ales and Saisons though, they are such works of art when done well."

1. What are you drinking when you're not drinking your own beer?
"We truly are very lucky to have so many amazing breweries within driving distance, it is crazy the amount of good beer we have to choose from every day.  Treehouse, Trillium, Night Shift, Wormtown, Bissell Bros, Hill Farmstead, Brick & Feather, this list could go on and on!"

2. Where did you come up with the names of your beers?
 "They are all names from working saw mills back in the day.  We, again, want to educate people on Holden’s history but also the history of this country and a large piece of what originally built the buildings and homes people live in."

3. What got you into brewing?
"I am a horrible artist but love creating things.  So, this to me is my art, creating amazing beer that people love and I can constantly try to perfect.  It has become an obsession and love that truly has captivated my life!"

4. What is your favorite part of the brewing process and why?
"​Mashing in the grains is such a wonderful experience because of the smell and overall process of watching regular water start to take shape into beer.  Hoping you hit everything right and working your tail off to make sure you did is such a rewarding experience."

5. Where did you come up with the name "Seven Saws"?
"The town of Holden was founded on 5 grist mills and Seven Saw mills.  We are trying to bring a place for those living in and around Holden that is welcoming to everyone, including kids!  Celebrating Holden’s history through our brewery makes it that much more special."