3 Michelle gives us the Low Down on Bantam Cider

Michelle gives us the Low Down on Bantam Cider

Michelle da Silva

Bantam Cider

Bantam Cider in Somerville, MA

Years Making Cider: 7

Favorite Bantam Cider: "Right now - Hibiscus Mint. It's our latest small-batch cider that is hitting the market in May. The fresh mint we add makes the cidery smell incredible and it's a reminder that summer is right around the corner."  

Favorite Type of Cider: "For me, I'm an equal opportunity cider lover. If I'm having cider with dinner, I'll usually go with something dryer that has structure and tannin. If I'm wanting something refreshing, I'd go with something that is semi-dry or semi-sweet with a good amount of acidity."

1. What are you drinking when you're not drinking your own cider?
"Wine, kombucha & coffee."

2. What got you into brewing cider?
 "I grew up making wine with my grandparents. It was a big family tradition that Dana and I decided to extend into cider. Here in New England grapes aren't abundant, but apples certainly are. So that was the starting point for us to begin making our own cider and we've been making cider for seven years. As they say, the rest is history."

3. Your website states, "We plan to challenge every day thinking about what cider should be, one great drink at a time." How do you plan to do this?
"We focus on making high quality, well-balanced ciders. We're always looking for new ingredients, yeast strains and flavor profiles that can push our cider in a new direction. In doing this, we're able to demonstrate that cider has such a great range and is not remotely one-dimensional. With that very first glass of cider, we can open minds to how interesting and nuanced cider can be."

4. You have a Ginger Beer too, why did you branch out from cider to include this in your line up?
"We've been making Ginger Beer since the early days of our taproom. We started making it because I absolutely love ginger and wasn't a fan of the products that were commercially available at the time. It soon became a crowd favorite in the taproom which, ultimately, prompted us to launch it. In my opinion, it stands alone. For each batch, we process 1,500 pounds of fresh ginger root which is a very tedious, and often times messy process, but in my opinion is the only way to get the true ginger bite. It's an alcoholic ginger beer so it's great on its own and adds an extra kick to a Moscow Mule or Dark & Stormy."

5. Are the Ginger Beer and Buzzwig seasonal as neither of them is listed under your top headers but are featured on the homepage?
"Buzzwig and Ginger Beer are available year round, but we're in the process of a website refresh, so they'll be added shortly."