3 Stowe Cider is on Tap Today

Stowe Cider is on Tap Today

Mark Ray

Stowe Cider

Owner, General Manager and Head Cidermaker at Stowe Cider in Stowe, VT

Years Making Cider: 5

Favorite Stowe Cider: I’m a purist and prefer dry, our High and Dry has no preservatives and is sugar-free.

Favorite Type of Cider: Dry

1. What are you drinking when you're not drinking your own cider?
“When I’m not drinking cold brew coffee to get me through the day…I have to go with a hazy, unfiltered New England IPA.” 

2. What got you into cider making?
 “Using local resources and filling a need and niche in the market. There are a lot of breweries in Vermont and Cider has long been underrepresented."

3. What is one thing that you feel sets you (Stowe Cider) apart from others?
“The dryer style ciders, for the longest time ciders have been too sweet, made with a lot of different sugars and sweeteners. What has set us apart is being on the dryer side if not completely bone dry."

4. Blueberries in cider?
“The Berry Merrill is a part of our local infusion series. People love maple and blueberries in Vermont. We start with a bone-dry cider to which we add some local Central Vermont blueberries. Since the ones we use are more on the tart side a hint of maple syrup adds a touch of sweetness while still staying true to our style.”

5. Barrel Aged, Gin and Juice, and fruity Seasonals aren't your typical cider. What spurred the idea to branch out with these lines and what do you think makes them successful?
“The local aspect. We typically put everything in cans so these are outside of our ‘standard’ because they are in bottles. They are made using handpicked fruits from local farmers to give higher end feel. They haven’t come up with a see-through can yet and when you use these fruits you get a finished product that has a nice color and you can’t see that in cans.”