3 Beer and Coffee over at Remnant Brewing in Boston

Beer and Coffee over at Remnant Brewing in Boston

Charlie Cummings

Remnant Brewing

Head Brewer and Commentator at Remnant Brewing in Somerville, MA

Years Brewing: "I've been homebrewing and enthusiastically enjoying craft beers since 2000, professionally brewing since 2002."

Favorite Remnant Brew: "I can't say I have a favorite Remnant brew but maybe the one I want people to try the most would be Dream Pop, our smooth and juicy Oat Pale Ale brewed with flaked oats as well as Naked Crystal Oats from local Valley Malt, with Mosaic and Mandarina hops."

Favorite Type of Beer: "I love most types of beer, but if I had to pick favorites, I'd say Saisons, British cask ales, and Oktoberfests. Alright and IPA's too."

1. What are you drinking when you're not drinking your own beer?
“When not drinking Remnant beer I'm often trying the excellent offerings from other tap rooms in the Boston area and New England. Too many great breweries and great people to name."

2. What got you into brewing?
 “What got me into brewing was a homebrew book on a shelf at the bookstore. It struck me as something I might be able to do and so I bought it and that was the beginning." 

3. What is one thing that you feel sets you apart from others?
“I would say I take great care with every step of the brewing process and I have a healthy respect for many of the potential pitfalls which can have a large or small effect on one's beers and so I'm able to dial them in pretty well."

4. Do you have any beers that are always on tap or is it a continuous rotation of small-batch brews?
“I try to always have Bos St Session (4.9% ABV) on tap and usually Dream Pop as well. We'll always have at least one IPA, but those and all of our other beers (sours, barrel-aged beers, farmhouse ales, etc.) rotate on the draft list.

5. Coffee and beer? Do you roast your own coffee beans? How do you feel your location, being located within a business 'plaza' and not as a stand-alone facility, influences the type of customers you see on a day to day basis?
“We actually get our coffee from a local roaster, Barrington Coffee Roasters. We think being part of Bow Market is not only advantageous to our business, but also a way to help our community thrive. Being a brewery and coffee shop that is situated with other local businesses, there is a great deal of earnest cross-promotion, endorsement, and collaboration. It also diversifies our community, and therefore, I think so far we have seen a pretty diverse customer base. During the day we have a more chill coffee shop vibe, encouraging local Somerville folks who work from home and tourists, and then in the evening, we get all sorts of people who either love breweries, events or bustling night spots."