3 BareWolf gets Exposed

BareWolf gets Exposed

Stevie Bareford

BareWolf Brewing

Co-Founder/Owner/Brewer at BareWolf Brewing in Amesbury, MA

Years Brewing: "10ish, give or take a batch"

Favorite BareWolf Brew: "Whatever's next. We almost never make the same beer twice!"

Favorite Type of Beer: "I'm partial to a good Flanders Red or Oud Bruin."

1. What are you drinking when you're not drinking your own beer?
“My co-brewers, Matt and Wyeth and I, are always trying what's new near and far. Lately we've been loving River Roost, Allagash, Jester King and Andechs."

2. What got you into brewing?
 “Drinking, of course! I started by loving porters and stouts and expanded from there. My sister kicked my a** into brewing, and it took over my life from there."

3. In a time when many breweries have their own in-house kitchen, you decided to work with food trucks. Do you think the different food trucks influence your traffic flow? How do you choose which trucks to bring in? Is it anyone that you like or do you pick and choose types of food that you think will pair well with your beers currently on tap?
“We are lucky enough to live in the epoch of dope food trucks and pop-ups, and it just seemed to fit with our brewing philosophy to work with a rotating cast of passionate food makers. Lately we've been working with some of our favorite chefs  like Woodland Catering and Kitchen To Aisle Catering to put on special events like our upcoming Beer Pairing Dinner and Oktoberfest. What a stoke!"

4. Yoga and Beer?
“Don't forget the goats! We've collaborated with both Saltwater Yoga Studio in Newburyport and Goats to Go Farm in Georgetown to do taproom yoga and goat yoga, both with beer. Why yoga and beer? Because centering yourself goes nicely with IPA."

5. What is one thing that you feel sets you apart from others?
“We made a commitment early on to never use preservatives, chemical additives, animal products, pasteurization or filtration for any of our beers. I strongly believe that putting only the best ingredients into our beer and nothing else translates directly into a sense of happiness when you drink it. Your body thinks 'Oh wow, how about this good-timing liquid food we're having!' instead of 'Oh god, fire up the liver to process this poison out of us.'"