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SuperKIean’s new 3/4″ ball valves give users the ability to shut down water/steam supply lines with a single pull of a lever. Its bronze or stainless steel construction enables this ball valve to be used with either  water, oil, gas, or steam. All stainless steel components are 300 series stainless steel to prevent corrosion. Our 3/4″ ball valve is the most widely used ball valve in the industry.

Principal Parts, Materials &Rating
Inlet / Outlet Diameter: 3/4″ NPT Ball Valve Body: Bronze or Stainless Steel Lever and Grip: Stainless Steel with Vinyl Stem Packing: Teflon Stem Bearing: Teflon Ball: Chrome Plated Seats: Teflon Retainer: Brass or Stainless Steel Gland Nut: Brass or Stainless Steel Stem: Brass or Stainless Steel Lever Nut: Stainless Steel Body Seal: Teflon Weight: 1.28 Lbs. Pressure Rating: 600 PSI WOG ·150 PSI STEAM

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