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Part Number B5101S075CC-B
Material 316L Stainless Steel
Seat Silicone
Size 3/4"
Pressure Rating 140 PSI
Vacuum Rating 0.4 inches Hg at 68°F
Temperature Range 15°F to 200°F (-9.4°C to 93°C)
Mandatory Pkg/Box Qty 1
Weight Lb 4.8200


  • Break torque: 20 in. lbs.
  • Flow coefficient: 11 CV


  • Clamp End
  • 100% hydraulic tested / 100% inspected
  • Field serviceable (no special tools required)


  • All wetted surfaces are sanitary finished to < 32Rₐ


  • Pressure rating (PSI), Flow Coefficient (CV) and Break Torque (in. lbs.) information supplied is based on water media at 68°F / 20°C
  • Handle is not assembled when shipped. To order with handle assembled on the valve please request assembly in the special instructions of your order.

Seats Silicone

B5101 Infinite Handle Butterfly Valve

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