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Part Number B5101S300CC-C
Material 316L Stainless Steel
Seat Silicone
Size 3"
Pressure Rating 110 PSI
Vacuum Rating 0.4 inches Hg at 68°F
Temperature Range 15°F to 200°F (-9.4°C to 93°C)
Mandatory Pkg/Box Qty 1
Weight Lb 9.1100


  • Break torque: 165 in. lbs.
  • Flow coefficient: 372 CV


  • Clamp End
  • 100% hydraulic tested / 100% inspected
  • Field serviceable (no special tools required)


  • All wetted surfaces are sanitary finished to < 32Rₐ
  • Lockout / tagout handle


  • Pressure rating (PSI), Flow Coefficient (CV) and Break Torque (in. lbs.) information supplied is based on water media at 68°F / 20°C
  • Handle is not assembled when shipped. To order with handle assembled on the valve please request assembly in the special instructions of your order.

Seats Silicone