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-brRubber Fab is proud to introduce the next generation of sanitary hinge clamps - the one-piece, completely unitized, Smart Clamp. With features that include half-turn installation and faster uptime, the benefits of Rubber Fab's Smart Clamp far exceed any other sanitary clamp.

One of the greatest production challenges is maintaining a sanitary system. Gaskets form an integral part of every sanitary system for an effective seal, appropriate gasket choice, correct installation and proper compression are necessary. Application requirements will dictate gasket choice and all Tri-Clamp Gaskets must be seated properly within the pipe ferrules if they are to seal effectively. The application of proper torque will then provide for a substantially flush, or perfect surface, seal. An over-tightened gasket will intrude into the pipe I.D. and lead to erosion of the gasket and contamination of the process stream by allowing soil and bacteria to collect. If additional torque is applied, the stress upon the gasket can cause tearing and additional process contamination. When a gasket is under-tightened, the result is a negative recess between the ferrules allowing soil and bacteria to accumulate and become entrapped.

Rubber Fab understands that one gasket does not meet every system's needs. This is why the Smart Clamp is pre-set with multiple torque settings that have been tested and designed to work with all Rubber Fab Type I and Type II (Flanged) Tri-Clamp elastomeric gaskets Tuf-Flex, Eco-Flex, Silicone, FKM, EPDM, and Buna. In systems with harmonic vibrations there is a concern that traditional wing-nut clamps will become loose. Smart Clamp has successfully been tested to withstand mechanical vibrations inherent in systems with pumps and other repetitive vibration prone equipment. With a hinge that doesn't collapse, Smart Clamp can easily be positioned and controlled around tough installation locations.

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