• Need An Assembled Brewery Hose?

    Brewery Hose & Brewery Assemblies

    At Beerhose you will find premier brands of brewery hose like Vintner, White Flexwing, Purple Snake, Distillery 150, and more. You will find a complete size range (3/4" - 4") and many styles of fittings including sanitary tri clamps and bevel seat females. We feature standard lengths of 5', 10' 15' and 20' but if you need something special, please call and we're happy to assist.

    Vintner - Whiteflexwing - Purple Snake - Distillery 150

  • Brewery Washdown Hose

    Brewery Washdown Accessories

    There is the saying, "You got to have the right tool for the job", but when making beer or brewing craft spirits, your tool could be hoses and tanks. To extend the life of that tool or hose depends on it's care and maintenance.  Spray nozzles, swivel fittings and adapters, mixing station, and hose storage make up your washdown accessories. The process of caring for your environment is just like any process, having right equipment is key to doing a good job.

    Nozzles - Fittings and Adapters - Mixing Stations - Storage - Maintenance.

  • Beer Hose & Beer Tubing 

    Beer Hose & Beer Tubing

    What is commonly referred to as "Beer Hose" or "Keg Line" is actually a polyvinyl chloride, PVC, hose. It comes different hose construction and ranges in tube diameter. Hose construction or tubing can be separated into the following types: clear tubingreinforced tubing, and suction & discharge. A clear tubing or beer hose can be used in a stable environment, like the taps in a pressurized beer system.

    Clear Tubing - Reinforced Tubing - Suction & Discharge 

  • Washdown Hoses

    Washdown Hoses

    There are several hoses constructed to provide ideal performance during wash down, these are Fortress 300Blue Fortress 300Saniwash ( Plus / Super ). The area is cleaned of dirt and debris by the use of the force and dissolving power of stream of water as projected from a hose. Water is typically squirted from the hose at a pressure of 300 psi. The hose itself can vary in length from 75 to 425 feet.

    Fortress 300 - Blue Fortress 300 - Saniwash 300

  • Plumb a Tri-Clamp System WIth Sanitary Fittings

    Clamps. Fittings, Gaskets, Valves, & Pumps

    Here at Beer Hose, we stock a complete range of competitively priced  sanitary fittings ranging from clamps, gaskets, valves, pumps, and accessories. Fittings range from 1/2" - 4" and are available in both 304SS and 316SS. Our wide variety of shapes and sizes combined with unmatched fabrication capabilities allow us to produce custom fittings, not available elsewhere. You still not sure the material make up of your current system or have any other questions please give us a call for your answers on beer hose and sanitary fittings.

    Fittings - Clamps - Gaskets - Valves - Pumps

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